16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family

Some love them, some feel like they’re trying too hard to command attention from the world. Others think they’re a group that exists to make today’s natural disasters less painful. Some have followed their every move; others believe they’re nothing but a huge glitch in Hollywood and a pain in the butt in their lives.  Regardless of what people think, the Kardashians have definitely captured the public eye. In a way, they’re examples of what some America’s spoiled are like inside and out today.

Like any ordinary family, they have their share of dark and ugly secrets.  Here are just some of the dirty laundry the Kardashians felt the world has already let go (but never forgotten):

1. Sweatshop Scandal

Batch 3- 16 Dark Secrets of the Kardashian Family- Sweatshop Scandal

A majority of the stuff we see today are manufactured for cheap in sweatshops in Asian countries where labor conditions are atrocious. The Kardashians know this when it comes to some of their products, but they claim to have no knowledge of such things. Yeah right.