16 Celebrities who are Rumored to be Bad in Bed

11. Elvis Presleyelvis presley

Women around the world swooned over the King of Rock of Rock and Roll. Women even screamed with much passeion and ecstasy whenever he would perform. But Natalee Woods thinks otherwise. She didn’t do much screaming and even said The King didn’t know what to do in the bedroom.

10. Ben Affleckben affleck

The Hollywood veteran actor dated one of the most attractive women in the world. That is Jennifer Lopez. It seemed that his lack of bedroom skills broke the relationship off and sources even claimed that he didn’t have the necessary skills to satisfy the gorgeous Latina.

9. Brody Jennerbrody jenner

Caitlyn Jenner’s son seemed to have put his “bad in bed” days behind because he has a show on E! that has a spicy title. But before he was able to rise from the dump, his ex Kristin Cavallari said that he was okay in bed but not that good. She said that he was very “vanilla” and did not think outside the box.

8. Keith Olbermannkeith olbermann

The MSNBC host had one night stand with a random woman. But after the steamy session, he kicked her to the curb. So the consequence? She dished out their bedroom antics. The woman said that his skills were boring and that she pretended like he knew what he was doing because he adored him and didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

7. Taylor Swifttaylor swift

The long-legged pop superstar has dated a lot of men in Hollywood. Unfortunately, none of those relationships worked and now we probably know why. Some of her ex-lovers said that she was childish when it came to bedroom
abilities. One was quoted saying, “She wants to kiss for hours on end but doesn’t want to do much more than that.”