16 Celebrities who are Rumored to be Bad in Bed

We all love to hear or read juicy gossip about celebrities. Especially if it’s something not really pleasant about them. Bad. I know but that’s just how people are wired, I guess. We see celebrities on the screen so flawless and fine-looking that they appear to be perfect. So whenever we hear bad write-ups about them it immediately goes viral. They are also so talented that some people look up to them as role models. But sometimes, the perfection that we see on screen doesn’t automatically translate in other aspects of their lives. Like, let’s say, their bedroom abilities. Whether they may be true or not, we’ll never know because some of these may just be rumors from scornful ex-lovers or bad publicity. So here are the 16 Celebrities Rumored to be Bad in Bed.

16. Charlie Sheencharlie sheen

With his publicized relationships with pink stars and multiple intimate partners, no one would think that this actor is not great in bed. But things aren’t always what they appear. His ex-wife was not fond of his bed habits and behavior. She said that he was very selfish in bed and only cared about his own pleasure.

15. Maria Sharapovamaria sharapova

The well-known tennis player is a beast in the court. Unfortunately, when it comes to her bedroom skills it’s more of like a whimpering cat. According to Adam Levine, he presumed that she would be fun and wild. Instead, she was like a “dead frog” just lying down and not saying a word.

14. Nick Lacheynick lachey

The former boyband member was married to the gorgeous blonde singer Jessica Simpson for a couple of years. They seemed to have a great bedroom time. Unfortunately, their marriage ended and Jessica said that he had a small package, which caused problems in their marriage. She said she even have to fake her big O.

13. Angelina Jolieangelina jolie

The beautiful and oozing with appeal celebrity A-lister has men captivated all over the world. Well, maybe except her ex Billy Bob Thornton. She was number one in most of the men’s glamor list but he said that she was quite boring in bed. He said sometimes, it may be literally like getting busy with the couch.

12. Eminem eminem

The award-winning rapper is famed for his skillful well, rapping, and mostly explicit lyrics. Many women adore his bad boy and rebellious image. But according to his ex-wife Kim, his appealing image doesn’t translate to the bedroom at all. She even said that he was quite boring! That or she’s just a scornful wife.