15 Types Of Women That Men Won’t Stick With

4- Calorie Calculator

Our society forces an irrational standard of beauty on women, telling them constantly that they’re too fat, too old, too skinny, and more. This mental and emotional war of attrition is only aiming to make money from your misery, but the fallout ranges from poor self esteem to truly destructive eating disorders. If you’ve got an actual disorder, seeking professional help is the obvious first step. But if you’re merely overly concerned with calorie counting, to the detriment of dates – and dinners – together, your man isn’t going to be around for long. Sure, he likes to see you fit, but if he’s any type of real man, he’ll like to see you enjoying yourself and sharing meals with him a lot more.

5- A Transformer


This message is for the women who want to transform their guys: stop. If he’s not the man you want, you can’t spend every waking hour trying to mold him into something better. They say there is someone for everyone, and for the most part this is true. Maybe it’s impatience, or maybe it’s a simple need for a project to work on, but we know a lot of women who devote their relationship time to training the guy, like he’s Daniel-san and she’s Mr. Miyagi. Don’t bother: it’s a waste of time for both of you. Get out while you can and find someone who measures up to your standards, then stick with him!

6- Gossip Girl

Talking story with the girls is a perfectly acceptable past time, and one that will honestly never lose its appeal. Harmless gossip is the currency in trade of casual friendship; we all talk about people who aren’t in the room. But if your gossiping ways spill over into the bedroom, and make a consistent appearance at dinner and everywhere else you spend time with your significant other, it might be time to zip the lips a little bit! A guy might enjoy hearing some funny anecdotes about a friend or coworker every once in a while, but if all he hears is a load of trash talking about everyone you’ve ever met, he’s going to feel hard pressed to trust you with anything private. It’s never good to put gossip at the center of a relationship.