15 Types Of Women That Men Won’t Stick With

Supposedly, there is more than one type of women who men will marry, but we’ve come to the realization that there are many types of woman who men simply don’t marry. If you’re looking for some advice or just some light reading to while away the afternoon at your office, hiding from real work (we understand), check out the following list!

While we personally don’t think that women (or men) fall neatly into these narrow categories anyway, we’ll say that if any of these types seem like a dominate part of your personality, you might want to do a little self reflection. You should never feel the need to change solely to get married to the right person; change should be done for your own good. Then you’ll be in the best position possible to marry, or not marry, the man of your dreams!

1- The Dominator


If there’s one go-to trait that a lot of men aren’t interested in, it’s a domineering personality. It’s the sense that the woman must control every aspect of every situation, often turning her ire upon her man when the going gets rough. Sure, a few guys can handle this and give it back in return, but it’s not the most pleasant situation. The point is, a personality like this screams insecurity; the need to always be in control is eventually self destructive, so it’s a good thing to look for and work on.

2- Robocop

Let’s get real: it’s always good to let your man know that you care about him, you desire him, and that you don’t want to see him running off with someone else. But if jealousy and its attendant behaviors is your first response to even the hint of another woman, it can be a huge deal breaker. Men enjoy knowing that they’re wanted and coveted, but not to the extent that they can’t have a conversation with someone else without feeling guilty or like they’re being policed. Basically, let things slide; if he’s straying, you’ll be able to tell and you can boot him to the curb. If he’s not, cut him some slack!

3- Playing Hard To Get

Man trying to flirt with a woman

Listen, if you’re cautious with good reason, that’s perfect: you want to protect yourself and your heart, so you don’t just open up to any guy who pursues you. But if your default mode of interaction with a guy is to leave him guessing whether you’re hot or cold, in or out, you’re going to have to pump the brakes a bit before a man wants to make a commitment. We honestly think it’s fine to be a little ambiguous, but if your goal is to get a ring on that finger, it might be a solid idea to shift gears.

4- Calorie Calculator

Our society forces an irrational standard of beauty on women, telling them constantly that they’re too fat, too old, too skinny, and more. This mental and emotional war of attrition is only aiming to make money from your misery, but the fallout ranges from poor self esteem to truly destructive eating disorders. If you’ve got an actual disorder, seeking professional help is the obvious first step. But if you’re merely overly concerned with calorie counting, to the detriment of dates – and dinners – together, your man isn’t going to be around for long. Sure, he likes to see you fit, but if he’s any type of real man, he’ll like to see you enjoying yourself and sharing meals with him a lot more.

5- A Transformer


This message is for the women who want to transform their guys: stop. If he’s not the man you want, you can’t spend every waking hour trying to mold him into something better. They say there is someone for everyone, and for the most part this is true. Maybe it’s impatience, or maybe it’s a simple need for a project to work on, but we know a lot of women who devote their relationship time to training the guy, like he’s Daniel-san and she’s Mr. Miyagi. Don’t bother: it’s a waste of time for both of you. Get out while you can and find someone who measures up to your standards, then stick with him!

6- Gossip Girl

Talking story with the girls is a perfectly acceptable past time, and one that will honestly never lose its appeal. Harmless gossip is the currency in trade of casual friendship; we all talk about people who aren’t in the room. But if your gossiping ways spill over into the bedroom, and make a consistent appearance at dinner and everywhere else you spend time with your significant other, it might be time to zip the lips a little bit! A guy might enjoy hearing some funny anecdotes about a friend or coworker every once in a while, but if all he hears is a load of trash talking about everyone you’ve ever met, he’s going to feel hard pressed to trust you with anything private. It’s never good to put gossip at the center of a relationship.

7- The Perfectionist

We’ll say it first to get it out of the way: it’s fantastic to meet a woman who has high standards. It means that she doesn’t settle for just anything, that she puts care and attention into every aspect of her life, and that she knows what she wants. However, being a perfectionist is going beyond that point. This is when nothing satisfies you, and you’re always able to find flaws everywhere you look. It’s no way to experience life, and it’s certainly no way to enter in a relationship. To get along with people, you need to compromise. To get along in life, you most of all need to know when it’s okay to say “okay.” Life isn’t perfect, and relationships never are, but even those with high standards can relax at some point and accept that not everything needs scrutiny or fixing.

8- The Main Attraction

Everyone knows that girl. She’s the one who hogs the spotlight at every chance, making sure she’s the center of attention, even when it’s not her turn to do so. She can be great fun at parties, a fantastic companion when you’re out on the town, and most importantly, can make a great first impression. She’s literally the life of the party! But when settling down for a relationship, both partners need to share the light. One can’t be out there, aching for attention, while the other waits patiently, forever in the wings. If your personality just burns a little too brightly for your guy, he’s not right for you. But if you find yourself with a deep seated need for attention at all times, you’d do well to work on the underlying issues. It’s all about balance!

9- Daddy’s Girl

There’s the cliché about women with “daddy issues,” that they’re always seeking approval from men because they didn’t get it enough at home growing up. We think that’s a load of nonsense. However, we do often see women who only seem to chase men who are affluent and much older than them, and we can tell you that a lot of men are rightfully wary of this sort of woman. They see her as interested only in money and the perks that come with someone well established in life, and they’re worried that they will never know her true heart. Many women may just happen to be attracted to older men, and that’s a-ok; we’re just explaining why guys are often turned off by these women.

10- The Flirt

Flirting is great. We’ll admit that right off the bat! This is how two people show their attraction in the first place, so it’s obviously pretty necessary. But if you can’t stop flirting with other guys once you’re in a relationship, it’s bad news bears all around. A man can’t trust in the relationship if he’s constantly worried that his lady is flirting with other guys. Even if the flirting is innocent, it can be hurtful or misleading. This personality trait often develops when someone realizes that flirting is an easy intro to conversation, a way to make friends quickly, and an easy ice breaker in crowds, but when it becomes a crutch, it becomes a problem.

11- Trophy Wife

While we live in a modern society that no longer demands women be stay-at-home moms who cook, clean, and do laundry all day, it’s still kind of important to pull your weight in a relationship. Whether that’s by helping with chores, sharing dinner duty, or simply having your own career outside of the home, it makes you a better partner in the long run. Men want to see a woman who’s independent and making her own way in the world; they don’t want to see a woman who’s sole ambition is to be a trophy wife. Getting your nails done and lounging around all day is great for a special treat, but it’s a rare man who wants a wife who does that every day!

12- Hot Pursuit

The hot pursuit woman is the one who does ALL the chasing. Guys love feeling wanted and desired, and to an extent, enjoy being chased. But when you find yourself making all the moves, planning everything, and pursuing a man without a sympathetic response, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree. A lot of guys are very shy about a girl who sets off after them, probably from ingrained messages during childhood that told them “proper girls don’t chase” or some other nonsense. In our modern world, it’s okay for both parties to do the pursuing, but a lot of guys aren’t up to speed. Make sure you’re seeking the right man, or try pumping the brakes a bit if he seems shy.

13- Mom

Sure, a lot of supposedly grown-ass men seem to need a mother figure in their lives, but that’s their problem – and not your role to inhabit! It can become a natural tendency for a lot of women to play “mother” to their man, whether it’s taking care of every aspect of his life or simple but constant nagging – especially if the guy’s life isn’t, how shall we say, put together super well. But you must resist! If the guy seems to need a mom figure, a swift kick in the behind is a better solution. If he doesn’t need it, you definitely don’t want to act on these impulses; the resistance will be swift and complete!

14- Party Queen

So you met at a party or the club, and fell in love. That’s perfect! But just because it began there, doesn’t mean the relationship needs to keep orbiting the dance floor. Guys love a woman who can hang, who can party, and who knows how to go out and have some fun. What they don’t love is a woman with a compulsion to party, who needs to go out every weekend or even weekdays. Even if he’s a guy who enjoys the nightlife, he needs some quiet at-home time with his woman. So if partying is your thing, make sure it’s your guy’s thing too, or he might be soon running for the hills!

15- Love Gamer

This one is all about those women who play emotional games or constantly throw up tests and tricks to see if their man can “pass.” The idea is that they’re confirming his love, his faithfulness, his attraction, but what the man sees is a woman completely lacking in consistency. And don’t get us wrong: consistency is important, perhaps above all other traits we’ve discussed here! When a man doesn’t know if up is down and in is out, he can’t find is footing, and he’ll be looking for an exit. A man won’t marry someone who he never feels 100% secure with, and you wouldn’t either. So please, make sure to keep the tests and games to a minimum and just be real. If he seems flaky or uncommitted, confront him and have an adult discussion!

This list was obviously meant for entertainment purposes, and was definitely not meant to insult women or men, so take everything you’ve read with a grain of salt! The complexities of adult relationships in our modern world extend far beyond the realm where internet lists roam, and the specifics of your own relationship may or may not even relate to the topics at hand. But if you find yourself moving too far in the direction of any of these “types,” it’s likely a good idea to spend a little time evaluating life. Far more important than making sure you land the right man, is making sure that you’re a good person. A good person is always going to be irresistible to a good man!




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