15 Wives and Girlfriends Of The Richest Men In The World

They have way more net worth than some of today’s small countries. They were able to amass wealth through smart business instincts while having the drive and passion for succeeding. While many believe money will never buy love, these billionaires thought that with just a bit of cash at hand, it can help.

From Silicon Valley tycoons to investors to philanthropists who left the world in awe as they strolled in between the lines of ingenuity and drive, these men have truly met their other half, who are just as skilled and driven as they are. Now, meet the wives and girlfriends of some of the wealthiest men who used activism, political connections, money, and unrelenting passion for shaping up today’s world.

1. Priscilla Chan

Batch 2- 15 Wives and Girlfriends Of The Richest Men In The World- Priscilla Chan

Priscilla is the wife of Facebook Co-Founder Mark Zuckerburg. She’s a college sweetheart and better half of Mark. Together, they donated hundreds of millions of dollars to improve the image of public schools and promote the importance of education. Priscilla married Mark in 2012.