15 Wild Prom Confessions You Won’t Believe!

In America, prom is the single most important night for high school students. From picking out the perfect dress to “prom-posals,” the night is meant to be the most magical time for everyone in attendance. However, all this stress of making everything perfect can take a toll on anyone. In this list, we’ve compiled 15 of the most outrageous prom confessions you won’t want to believe!

Whether you had a dream evening or a not-so-perfect night, we doubt your prom went as poorly as some of these confessions, especially #5! Keep reading to find out how your night could have gone, and be glad it didn’t!


#15 A Surprise Inside…

001-15-a-surprise-inside-745729Girls go through a lot getting ready for an event as special as prom. From getting the perfect manicure to spending hours on makeup, no detail can be left out. However, this girl got more than she bargained for during her hairstyling appointment. We’re guessing this wasn’t the surprise she was hoping to find…

#14 This Heartwarming Act

002-14-this-heartwarming-act-745761The title of Prom King and Queen is something everyone secretly hopes for. While the crown itself may end up lost or stuck in an old box of memories, the title is something that will follow you from reunion to reunion. We think this king earned his title more than anyone else!

#13 Accessorized with Confidence

003-13-accessorized-with-confidence-745790Although prom can cause a lot of stress in a young adult’s life, it can also cause their confidence to skyrocket! After hours of searching stores and online, finding the perfect dress can make even the most self-conscious girl feel her best. After all, confidence is the best accessory!

#12 A Truly Unique Dress

004-12-a-truly-unique-dress-745848Finding the perfect prom dress is often not budget friendly — luckily this girl found a way to avoid breaking the bank! Not only is she guaranteed to be the only one wearing that dress, she also has a pretty good story to tell! We think we’ll be seeing more from her in the fashion world…

#11 Nailed It!

005-11-nailed-it-745854Sometimes, we get a little too caught up in the details of things. By making sure everything is perfect, we miss out on the little things. This girl didn’t let perfection get to her head and instead had a pretty cute and sentimental idea to get her nails done!