21 Of The Most Terrifying Places In The World

Are you afraid of heights? Not sure? Have a look at some of these highest and most terrifying places in the world that are sure to give goose bumps to even the bravest ones. And if you get dizzy staring at these pictures, these places are certainly not for you. Height phobia or not, its certainly interesting to know about the creepiest places that will be fun to visit if you have a brave soul.

Scroll down and get ready for some goose bumps. Even these pictures will give you vertigo.

1- Mont Blanc, French Alps
Terrifying places in the world
Terrifying places in the world

Enjoy a panoramic and the most terrifying view from the world’s highest glass floor on Europe’s highest mountain peak, Aiguille du Midi, 12600 feet high. You need to be a really brave person to step on this glass floor.