15 Teacher Confessions That Reveal The Dark (And Hilarious) Side Of Education

We know by now that teachers don’t go into this profession to make a truck load of money. In fact, teaching can be one of the most thankless jobs you can possibly have — and it’s not just K-12. A recent survey conducted at the College of Staten Island revealed that some adjuncts had no health insurance and were criminally underpaid. “The work is there,” Adjunct Ruth Wangerin told Salon, “They just don’t want to pay.”

In K-12, teachers have to deal with difficult situations every day. A crappy paycheck on top of student discipline and a stack of papers to grade can add up to a pretty stressful existence. These teachers took to Whisper to vent a little about the nightmares they face day in, day out. Some of these are downright hilarious, while others (like #9) are terrifying and might have you second-guessing a career in education.


15. Bathroom Stall Compliments

001-15-bathroom-stall-compliments-765358Sometimes teachers just need that extra boost of confidence, even if it’s by their own doing. One teacher hilariously shared that he wrote himself a compliment on the wall of the girl’s bathroom. The user wrote, “I’m a high school teacher, and I worked late to catch up last night. No one was around, so I went into the girl’s bathroom and wrote, ‘Mr. Smith is hot’ on a stall wall.”

14. Lewd Things

002-14-lewd-things-766941Everyone knows that teachers need to curb their language in front of their students, no matter what grade they teach. But it’s not surprising to learn that every now and then a teacher has to let loose. One teacher wrote, “I write lewd things on the cars at school. I’m a teacher.”

13. An Apple A Day

003-13-an-apple-a-day-766973An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well, for this one teacher, getting the gift of an apple unleashed the weed fiend. One teacher confessed on the Whisper app, “One of my students gave me an apple. I smoked weed out of it that night.” That’s one way to blow off steam.

12. Meet The Swingers

004-12-meet-the-swingers-766993While students and teachers can have close mentor/mentee relationships, even those students probably don’t know much about the personal lives of their educators. One teacher revealed via the Whisper app that she lives somewhat of a double life. “My secret: None of my students realize my husband and I are fully bisexual swingers and we are nudists as well. Teachers have lives after the last bell rings you know.”

11. Ego Boost

005-11-ego-boost-766996As a teacher, one of the parts that’s left out of the job description is to give encouragement. One teacher wrote that sometimes the ego boost she gives to her students isn’t always genuine. “When I tell a student “I know you can [do] better than that” I don’t always meant it. I just want the kid to believe in him/herself..And to quit acting up.”