15 Stunning Actresses Who Look Nothing Like Their On Screen Characters

We tend to think that actresses could be a lot like their movie or television characters. But in some cases, the actresses look a lot different in real life – sometimes even the polar opposite of the characters they play. Kudos to the fifteen women on our list for pulling off an amazing act on the silver screen and making characters believable. If you’re an avid television watcher, you’ll recognize all the faces on this list.

1. Alison Brie – Community’s Annie Edison


Alison Brie
Red hot

We knew that studious Annie – the youngest in the study group at Greendale Community College– could be quite sexy when she wanted to. Anne kept her ample assets covered in modest blouses and sweaters, but Alison doesn’t have a problem flaunting them in sexy photo shoots and on red carpets where she can often be seen with her hot fiancee actor Dave Franco.