15 Spooky Secrets About NYC That You Need To Know


New York is one of the tourist capitals of the world. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the city every year. Some come to shop, some come to watch sports, while many come to discover the amazing sites they have only seen in movies and TV shows. The city is constantly “awake” and there are always cool things to check out and do. But in a city that holds millions of people and is always under the world’s radar, there still manages to be some secrets and hidden gems about the city that many people don’t know. We found 15 secrets and hidden locations around NYC that you probably never knew about. Number 8 is definitely the coolest…

#15 Secret Trains Tracks Under the Waldort Astoria

001--15-secret-trains-tracks-under-the-waldo-446146While you probably know about the various underground railway systems like the one in Washington, there is also one in NYC as well which not many people know about. This train was likely used for the rich and famous to arrive at the hotel in back in the day; without having to come through the front doors.