15 Sizzling Celebrity Mothers Who Can Still Rock It

Looking sultry and gorgeous are two things that come to today’s young female starlets. But how would fans react when the female actress they know also happens to be a mother? Many would say something like, no-friggin’-way-she’s-a-mother. Still, there are others who would we be left in awe and wondering how these ladies are able to keep the weight off quickly after having children. Just seeing them walk down the runway would give newbie actresses and single supermodels are run for their money. Everyone knows that motherhood would often convert hot bod women into mommy trunks after pregnancy. But not these ladies.

Here are 15 Hollywood moms who can still look good even after having children:

1. Sofia Vergara

Batch 4- 15 Sizzling Celebrity Mothers Who Can Still Rock It- Sofia Vergara

Sofia broke out in the Hollywood scene when she took up the main role in the TV series, “Modern Family.” Don’t let this Colombian¬†bombshell fool you. She’s already in her 40s and with a 23-year old son.