The 15 Richest NASCAR Racers Ever

NASCAR (The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) has been an American tradition since 1947. Its founder Bill France Senior must have known that great things were coming because they certainly have.


NASCAR is the nation’s second most watched sport after football, and audience attendances at live meetings are incredible with NASCAR being the most attended sport in the world.

With all this popularity, it must come as no great surprise that some of the sport’s most popular and successful drivers are doing very well for themselves. How well? Check out our list of the 15 richest NASCAR racers ever.

15. Jimmie Johnson – $40 million

Our list starts with Jimmie Johnson, who is worth a cool $40 million. Most of that comes from race winnings and professional endorsements. He’s been the driver of the year five times now, which can’t hurt his sponsorship appeal. He has also won most of the biggest races on the NASCAR circuit.

14. Jeff Burton – $45 million

Having driven nearly 700 races, Jeff “The Mayor” Burton probably doesn’t have much left to learn about NASCAR. Even though he’s never won a major race – he’s a huge fan favorite and that means the money isn’t far behind. His earnings on and off track have been considerable.

13. Carl Edwards – $50 million

Carl Edwards’ financial success comes as much from his crowd-pleasing antics after and before the races as it does from his racing wins. He was Rookie of the Year and the fans absolutely love his appeal. So do marketers, who help ensure he’s packing in the cash every single year.

12. Kasey Kahen – $50 million

Spend 11 years in NASCAR and at the top of the game and your bank balance is likely to be very healthy indeed. Kasey Kahnes has won the Coca-Cola 600 and delivered nearly 150 top 10 finishes during his time. Now he owns his own NASCAR team too, for good measure.