15 Photos Of Medicine In The 1800s That Will Make You Glad You Were Born Now


Modern medicine isn’t perfect and there are plenty of people wandering about that wish it were better. However, it has to be said that compared to days gone by; modern medicine is a miracle. It’s not so long ago that medicine was barely based on science and everything from curing simple diseases to surgery was a hit and miss process. In the 1800s, if you were unlucky enough to need a doctor or a surgeon – you’d be lucky to escape with your life. Check out these fifteen photos of medicine in the 1800s and see what we mean:

#15 No Anaesthetic


Yes, these fine gentlemen are about to attempt to saw this poor man’s leg off to try and save his life. Unfortunately for him, back in those days, they had no access to anaesthetic drugs. The gentleman on the right is holding a cloth dampened with ether to try and keep the patient insensible during the process. Ouch.