15 Not So Smart Celebrities

Some are born genuises, also unfortunately some are not. When ordinary people do or say foolish things it’s easy to let it slip. It’s a different case for celebrities thought. Ah, the cost of fame. Everything they say or do is being watched or stalked by people around the world and let’s not forget those hawkeyed paparazzi. Celebrities are people too, they do foolish things. But when they do, the whole world will surely know about it. Here are the 15 not to so smart celebrities we’ve had to deal with.

15. Alec Baldwin alec baldwin

Alec Baldwin was reported to have said some harsh words to a paparazzo and was caught on camera. He tweeted a different story but then Rich Ferraro from the GLAAD organization told that the celebrity said an anti-gay epithet and he quickly apologized. Let’s also not forget the issue with the flight attendants. All eyes are on you.