15 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners Ever

The Miss World pageant is the oldest surviving major international beauty pageant. It originated in the United Kingdom and is one of the three most publicized beauty contests in the world. It is where the most beautiful and eligible women from around the world showcase their charm, talents and wit. Over the years, we’ve been able to gaze upon beautiful contenders and here we have collated 15 Most Beautiful Miss World winners ever. Let’s see beauty in action.

15. Maria Julia Mantillamaria julia mantilla

The Peruvian actress, dancer, model, and teacher won the 2004 Miss World title in China. She is the second woman from her country to take home the crown. Her aunt, Maria Julia Mantilla Mayer was Miss Peru 1969 and a semi-finalist in Miss Universe of the same year.

14. Kiki Hakanssonkiki hakansson

The Swedish beauty was crowned Miss World 1951, the first ever Miss World competition. Miss World was originally organized as a mid-century advertisement for swimwear at the Festival of Britain. During her crowning ritual, she wore a bikini and was condemned by the pope. Some countries with religious tradiotions even threatened to withdraw delegates back then. The year after, bikinis were banned from the pagaent but were eventually reintroduced.

13. Agbani Daregoagbani darego

The Nigerian model is best known as the first Sub-Saharan African to win Miss World in 2001. She was also the only one to who wore a one-piece swimsuit during the swimsuit competition.

12. Penelope Plummerpenelope plummer

The Australian actress and model is the winner of the 1968 Miss World title. She became the first contestant from her country to win the title. After winning the title, the then 18-year-old librarian appeared in the 1969 Bob Hope Christmas Show along with actress Ann-Margaret.

11. Mireia Lalaguna  Mireia Lalaguna

She is a Spanish actress and model who was crowned Miss World in 2015. She is the first Miss World from Spain. She was involved in an age-cheat controversy shortly after her win as Miss World Spain 2015. It showed in their website that she was 15-years-old but the organization claimed that she was 23-years-old. The organization resolved the issue by stating that it was their mistake.