15 Heartbreaking Confessions From People In Interracial Relationships

In this day and age, we would like to believe that everyone is colorblind, but that’s simply not true. There’s still ignorance that’s embedded in some people’s minds, which leads to hate speech and unwarranted judgment. Because of this, being in an interracial relationship sometimes comes with a unique set of challenges that many people in same-race couplings may not even have to think about. In a world where tensions are high due to race, class, and gender, some interracial couples have shared stories about their own problems dealing with discrimination because of who they love.

For a problem we’d hope is well behind us, some of these confessions (especially #5) are completely heartbreaking.


15. Losing A Family

001-15-losing-a-family-746374In this heartbreaking confession, one-half of an interracial couple wondered if his/her parents will ever accept the relationship that they’re keeping a secret. “My parents have always made racist jokes. I wonder if I’m still going to have a family when they find out I’m in an interracial relationship.” Going by the confession, it’s easy to see why this has been something they’re holding back.

14. Boyfriend Or Friend?

002-14-boyfriend-or-friend-746428Sometimes racism is so subtle and ingrained in our society that people don’t even know they’re being racist. One individual’s mother claimed she wasn’t racist, but when it came to accepting their interracial relationship, she’s in denial. The user wrote that the mother “refers to my boyfriend as ‘my friend.'”

13. Ignorance In All Forms

003-13-ignorance-in-all-forms-746728Ignorance exists in all forms, and sometimes when people show their true selves it can be jarring. One individual wrote of their experience, “I’m in an interracial relationship with the most amazing man and today someone said something awful about him to me for the first time. They can’t take our happiness or love away.”

12. Silent Racism

004-12-silent-racism-746746Sometimes racism exhibited by others doesn’t have to be loud. The judgments that people put on each other can be as silent as a sneer or a nasty look. One such confession highlighted the difficulty that they deal with due to being in an interracial relationship. “Been in an interracial relationship for over a year, and we get the stares. I wish we didn’t.”

11. Talking About Race

005-11-talking-about-race-746789Because of the pressures that society puts on race relations, sometimes interracial relationships have their own set of obstacles inside the actual relationship. One confession reflected on their most troubling aspect, “I’m in an interracial relationship and I’m afraid to talk about race to my boyfriend.” Imagine having those walls up in your own relationship!