15 Dressing Room Demands That Show How Crazy Divas Really Are

#10 Lady Gaga



Lady Gaga seems so down-to-earth and then you read her rider. It needs 56 bottles of water of which half must be chilled and the other half kept at room temperature. That’s not the strangest thing on her, substantial, list though – that’s the mannequin which must have pink pubic hair.

#9 Janet Jackson


Who’d have expected anything less from a member of the slightly bonkers Jackson family? Janet Jackson, when she’s not flashing her nipple at the unsuspecting public, expects a chaise longue to be provided everywhere she goes. She also needs 10 black roses to be placed in her dressing room.

#8 Paul McCartney


Paul McCartney’s obviously forgotten his humble roots and gone for jungle roots instead. He expects a dressing room to contain “four times six-foot tall regular plants” and “nineteen times six-foot tall leafy, green plants”. He also has a total ban on meat and meat related products in the backstage areas.

#7 Katy Perry


Perhaps, the most demanding star of the all is Katy Perry. Whose rider requires a driver that doesn’t speak to her at all but who must ask if they are unsure of anything (contradictory much?). She also needs two egg chairs both of which must be cream and one must have a footstool to go with it.

#6 David Hasselhoff


All of these insane demands seem to stem from an over-inflated sense of self-worth from our celebrities. In David Hasselhoff’s case, he once took this to the ultimate extreme by demanding that a life-sized cutout of himself was placed in his dressing room before the show.