15 Dressing Room Demands That Show How Crazy Divas Really Are



There’s no getting away from the contractual rider in today’s showbiz world. It allows stars to specify their requirements of a venue before they arrive. The rock group, Van Halen, is famous for having a clause in their rider which required a bowl of M&M’s to be placed in their dressing room but with a single catch – all the M&M’s had to be brown. It wasn’t diva behavior; it was done to make sure the contract had been read properly. That’s very much unlike these 15 dressing room demands which show just how much of a diva a star can be today.

#15 Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey is one of the world’s biggest stars and don’t venues just know it? Her rider demands a personal attendant – to dispose of her used chewing gum! She also requires Cristal champagne to be served and plastic straws to drink it with. Oh and 20 white kittens too.

#14 Prince


Prince passed away tragically in 2016 but we wonder if the venues he visited will miss him very much? His first demand was that they provide a physician to give him B-12 shots before he went out on stage. Then he needed them to shrink wrap every single thing in his dressing room…

#13 Britney Spears


It’s clear that even as a young girl, Britney had delusions of grandeur. When she went on tour everywhere had to provide a framed photograph of the British Royal, Princess Diana, in her dressing room. She also has a clause which requires the venue to pay her $5,000 if the phone rings in her dressing room.

#12 Justin Bieber


At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking Justin Bieber’s requests were quite normal in the scheme of celebrity demands; he expects white socks and white t-shirts (lots of them) in his dressing room. What’s strange about that? He expects them to be in a huge range of sizes.

#11 Justin Timberlake


The megastar, Justin Timberlake, seems to have a certain nervous condition when it comes to the cleanliness of venues. His requirement of venues is that they must send someone to thoroughly disinfect every door handle that he might come into contact with, every two hours until he leaves the venue.