15 Dressing Room Demands That Show How Crazy Divas Really Are


There’s no getting away from the contractual rider in today’s showbiz world. It allows stars to specify their requirements of a venue before they arrive. The rock group, Van Halen, is famous for having a clause in their rider which required a bowl of M&M’s to be placed in their dressing room but with a single catch – all the M&M’s had to be brown. It wasn’t diva behavior; it was done to make sure the contract had been read properly. That’s very much unlike these 15 dressing room demands which show just how much of a diva a star can be today.

#15 Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey is one of the world’s biggest stars and don’t venues just know it? Her rider demands a personal attendant – to dispose of her used chewing gum! She also requires Cristal champagne to be served and plastic straws to drink it with. Oh and 20 white kittens too.