15 Couples Share Embarrassing, Hilarious Details From Their Wedding Night

A wedding is a beautiful thing, but can cause major stress for the newlyweds. Therefore, it is no surprise that once the cake has been cut and grandma has been put in the car for her ride home that couples look forward to that first night alone. Whether it is spent at home, in a hotel room, or a Walmart parking lot (seriously it happens), that first night can come with a ton of pressure and hype to live up to.

It’s important to remember that not every first night is a fairy tale filled with sex and champagne. For some couples (like #5), that first night is underwhelming, exhausting, or an outright total disaster.


15. Every Bride Needs Their Beauty Rest


It’s a hard, long day when you’re the bride. Waking up early, getting ready, and marrying the love of your life can take a lot out of a girl. The last thing you want to do is more work.

No offense hubby but it’s been a long day.