15 Celebrities Who You Never Would Believe Have Money Problems



When we think of celebrities, a lot of things come into our heads about them and their lives. But first and foremost, we often think about how it must be to be as rich and famous as them. And while most celebrities are indeed rich and famous, sometimes we may overestimate their wealth. In fact, there are actually a lot of celebrities out there who are either struggling financially or are dealing with some big time financial problems in their lives. We went out and found 15 celebrities that had big problems that cost them big money. Number 10 is especially surprising…

#15 Tiger Woods


In his prime, Woods was one of the richest and most famous athletes on the planet. But when it was leaked that he had cheated on his wife, it all came crumbling down for Woods. He stopped playing well, and then his earnings were cut in half. While he was still making over 50 Million a year, that was a MASSIVE drop from the over 100 Million he was making before the scandal.