15 Celebrities Who Had Work Done in the Chest Department

6. Janet Jacksonjanet

The talented superstar had not much in the chest department before. Now there’s much more meat to them and we can see that she’s more confident about it.

7. Lil’ Kimlil kim

This petite rapper does not shy away when asked about her “surgeries”. She admitted that she had a couple of things done on her. Her implants may be too much for her petite frame but she loves displaying them in revealing outfits.

8. Lindsay Lohanlindsay

The notorious party girl had gotten some help in the chest area since she isn’t that gifted. We can definitely see the upgrade there.

9. Nicole Kidmannicole kidman

Despite her statuesque figure, Nicole lacked some curves here and there. So she decided to get some help in the chest department. They now look fuller and not over done.

10. Nicole Ritchienicole ritchie

Even during her chubby days, Nicole didn’t have much going on in the chest department. But after her style overhaul, she also added a chest enhancement. Now, she looks better than ever.