15 Celebrities that are now ex-BFF’s



It can be hard to find friends that you can trust and depend on to have your back no matter what! It must be even harder for those with celebrity status to find those types of friends. Especially since so many people would love to use that status to their advantage. We’ve compiled a list of celebrities who may have thought they found their lifelong BFF (Best Friend Forever) but sadly couldn’t make it in the long run. Find out who used to be friends, and why they ended their friendships.

Let us know if you think there are any other ex-Bff’s that should be included, or chime in with your thoughts on the feuds that were started.

#15 Tiffani Amber Thiessen & Jennie Garth


Tiffani and Jennie met back in the 90’s on the set of 90210. These girls were two peas in a pod and should have had a friendship to last the ages, but unfortunately, it didn’t stand the test of time.

Tiffani claimed to be the victim in their fallout, but the details have never been made public. Jenni has never made any comment about their past friendship. So we may never know why this great friendship didn’t make it. Share your thoughts on why they had a fallout below!

#14 Gwyneth Paltrow & Winona Ryder


Nothing causes tension like stealing your best friend’s movie role! Winona was set to star in the movie ‘Shakespeare in Love’ but Gwyneth stole it from her. Gwyneth even won an Oscar! Now that’s got to hurt!

Do you think that is enough to end a friendship? Or should it be viewed as a little professional competition? Let us know your thoughts!

#13 Elton John & George Michael


Their decades-long friendship seemed like it would never end. That is, until in 2004, when George Michael’s drug problems came out and became public knowledge. Elton John didn’t want anything to do with it, and so distanced himself from George. The two still speak from time to time, but the friendship has never been the same. Do you think that they will find a way to rekindle their amazing friendship?

#12 Kobe Bryant & Shaquille O’Neal


When they played for the LA Lakers together, they were BFF’s on and off the court. No one really knows why they drifted apart, but both of them being star players for the same team could have caused some issues. Kobe said that Shaq was, “fat, out of shape, and over-dramatizing injuries to avoid blame for the lack of conditioning.” Best friends are supposed to be supportive no matter what, and that doesn’t sound very friendly!

#11 Lauren Conrad & Heidi Montag


Remember these two? They were the best of friends when they were starring together in ‘The Hills’. In 2007 Heidi did the one thing that no best friend should ever do. She starting dating Lauren’s crush Spencer Pratt. Things obviously went downhill fast for the two stars, and they aren’t even on speaking terms today. Plus Lauren and Spencer are now married, so we see how well all that turned out…

Have you been in Lauren’s situation? Would you want to be friends again?