15 Amazing Homes of Hollywood Celebrities

Do you often wonder what life is like for a Hollywood celebrity? What does a typical multi-millionaire spend on? One glimpse of a celebrity lifestyle can be seen in their homes. Celebrities who own huge estates are a dozen times bigger than what a typical American would have. These homes will cost an ordinary person more than a lifetime to pay for. It’s a bit envious seeing some of Hollywood’s finest living this lavish. Some celebrities even admit to not getting the chance to explore other rooms of their huge home! If you’re pondering which amazing homes celebrities have recently splurged on, here’s 15 of them for you to drool on:

1. Taylor Swift

Batch 5- 15 Amazing Homes of Hollywood Celebrities- Taylor Swift

Taylor paid $17 million for this 11,000 square mansion in Rhode Island. It boasts 8 bedrooms and 10-plus bedrooms. It also has multiple patios for the summer and fireplaces to keep you warm during winter.