These 14 Women Became Mistresses To U.S. Presidents

#9 Nan Britton

006-9-nan-britton-718072Since she was a teen, Britton was obsessed with Warren G. Harding. Once his presidency ended, she dropped a major bombshell in 1928. She released a book that claimed she was not only Harding’s mistress, but also that she had his child before he became president. This was questioned for years but finally proven via DNA results in 2015.

#8 Sally Hemings

007-8-sally-hemings-718074This was easily one of the biggest presidential affairs in history. Thomas Jefferson had a long-lasting affair with his slave, Sally Hemings, until his death. Rumors state that they had as many as six children together, and four of them went on to be freed by Jefferson himself in adulthood.

#7 The Slaves of John Tyler

008-7-the-slaves-of-john-tyler-718083No president has fathered more children than John Tyler. In his two marriages, he fathered an unbelievable 15 children. However, those are only his legitimate children. There are a ton of rumors out there that he also fathered many children with his slaves. While oral history confirms this, it is impossible for DNA to ever prove this as most were sold off as slaves.

#6 Judith Exner

009-6-judith-exner-718085After Frank Sinatra introduced Judith Exner to JFK, they took a liking to each other and the rest was history. Their affair began in the 1960s and Exner has even said that she had aborted his child, but that was never proven. The next entry is arguably the most famous example on this list.

#5 Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky was an intern at the White House when Bill Clinton was president. He admitted to having an “inappropriate relationship” with her. His confession precipitated huge fallout for the president and his mistress throughout 1995 and 1996. The highly-publicized affair besmirched Clinton’s legacy, and even led to decades of personal troubles for Lewinsky.