These 14 Women Became Mistresses To U.S. Presidents

There’s a lot about the U.S. government that we just don’t know. It’s not just closed door meetings and secret military operations, either; sometimes even the presidents themselves are hiding skeletons in their closets.

If there was one “vice” that was most shared among past presidents, it would have to be adultery. While almost every U.S. president was married, that didn’t stop many from having numerous affairs. Some were very public, while others have been rumors for decades. Either way, here are the 14 biggest presidential mistresses. We’re sure a couple will be familiar, but #4 will blow your socks off!


#14 Maria Crofts Halpin

001-14-maria-crofts-halpin-718057Presidential elections have been getting ugly for over 100 years. In 1884, Grover Cleveland’s opponent alleged that he had fathered a child with Halpin. As it turned out, that was correct and he was paying her child support. However, this scandal didn’t stop Cleveland from becoming the president twice.

#13 Eleanor Mondale

002-13-eleanor-mondale-718059Bill Clinton is no stranger to sexual scandals, but this is one you likely didn’t know. Mondale was the daughter of a former Vice President, but that didn’t stop Clinton from allegedly carrying on an affair with her. According to a secret service agent, the two were involved. Another of Clinton’s mistresses comes in at the 8th spot.

#12 Venus

003-12-venus-044ca16a21466ef809782282b9331c29Even the first president wasn’t immune to sex scandals. George Washington was rumored to have had a sexual affair with a slave named Venus. This affair apparently led to the birth of a son named West Ford. This has not been proven, but so many claims have been made and Ford’s descendants hope that DNA evidence will able to prove it.

#11 Helen G. Douglas

004-11-helen-g-douglas-718068Before Lyndon B. Johnson became president of the United States in 1963, he had an affair with famous actress Helen G. Douglas. He was a congressman, and she herself was starting to become involved with politics herself, after success as an actress. This affair was reportedly a very passionate one.

#10 Marilyn Monroe

005-10-marilyn-monroe-718070This is one of JFK’s most famous encounters. Shortly after meeting each other, these two apparently had a sexually scandalous meeting at Bing Cosby’s house. Monroe felt so bad she got in touch with JFK’s wife, only to find out she knew about his “extracurricular activities.” Another of JFK’s famous mistresses appears in at the 6th spot.