14 Unbelieveable Photos Of Your Favorite Celebs Before They Were Famous

Celebrities are constantly under a great deal of pressure to always be perfect. They are the focus of news all over the world, their airbrushed faces grace the covers of magazines in every grocery store checkout lane, and social media is continually abuzz with their latest tweets, hijinks, and Instagram shots.

But, have you ever stopped to think about what they looked like before they were rich and famous? We’ve gathered 14 of the purest, sweetest, most hilarious photos of your favorite stars before they became household names.

You won’t believe number 8! Now, sit back, relax and get a load of these great photos!


14. Gwen Stefani


Who would have ever thought that this sweet looking girl next door would have become the ultra-famous celebrity she is today? No doubt she had the talent early on, but take a look at her backward ball cap, fresh makeup-free face, and sweet white tank. She’s just a girl in the world.