14 Unbelievable Art Pieces Produced on a …Chalkboard

Art has been known to exist in many forms. From oil paintings to clay sculptures to even 3D objects that fill museums in the name of modern art, all of them exist mainly for one thing; to inspire. With exactly that in mind, a pair of friends who go to the same school began their wonderful surprise involving chalkboard art. At the intervals of every two weeks, this duo who calls themselves Dangerdust would sneak into empty classrooms and vandalize their chalkboard. If you scroll down you will see why nobody minds.

Using various different motifs and styles, the couple of Graphic Design majors would leave behind masterpieces that people would later find hard to erase. It was later revealed that each one took nearly 11 hours to complete. Judging from the details and neat patterns, we can tell that it was all worth it. These pieces of chalkboard art are also unique in which that they inspire people not just through looks, but also words of famous people. These quotes manage to do the thing they meant to; touch the people.

Let us take a look at these beautiful chalkboard art designs that are so very vibrant with the energy of youth and creativity. Regardless of whether or not they touch you, just remember to do one thing; appreciate their beauty. Note that all of them were made with ordinary chalks that are available almost anywhere.

1- Nothing is Really Work Unless……

Let’s Do Something Else

To start the list of chalkboard art, the boys left a strong message through a quote by J.M Barrie on the distinction of work and pleasure. Genius, really, for a thin line can actually separate the two.

2- Understanding Life

Understanding Life is Important

Here Dangerdust explains the supremacy of a greater being through the words of Neil Degrasse Tyson. If you feel like you don’t understand life, don’t fret. You’re not supposed to.

3- Never Give Up, Chalkboard Art

Best Way Is To Work Continuously

If you ever embark on that journey make sure to never give up until the end. As cheesy at that sounds, people have been saying it because there is some truth to it.

4- More Than One Way

There Are More Ways to Work

This here is a little sneak peek at what being creative is all about. Among the most impressive chalkboard art is this piece with a quote by Mark Twain. You just have to love it.

5- Looking At the World

God Made The world So Beeeeeeautiful

Even Dr. Seuss’s magical way of looking at the world has made the list. The colors, the beautiful line, together made in a simple chalkboard art. It is hard to believe it is made by chalk.

6- For Everyone Else

Just for Himself or Everybody Else?

It is a lot easier to remember words that are presented in an impressive way, much like this one. Not only the lines leave a lasting impression, the image does too.

7- Kitchen Recipe

Best and Brief Recipe

This quote should not be taken as a chalkboard art alone. Julia Child is just explaining that with enough flavor and want (referring to effort and will) you can make anything happen.

8- Beating on the Wall

Why Beat The Wall Unnecessarily

The next chalkboard art features a quote by Coco Chanel. Doing something impossible yet hoping that it will bear fruit is just pointless. Note that.

9- All We Need

We Are For Love Alone

This here is a masterpiece designed to make the words appear to stand out. A famous line from the Beatle’s even famous song, this piece of chalkboard art that deserves real recognition.

10- We Are From

Let’s Remember Where We Came From

How true. Many people often try to hide where they come from, when it is actually a very big and significant part of them. Erasing it means erasing a part of you.

11  Individual or Family

Cancer is a Total Catestrophe

Can you appreciate the incredible crassness of this chalkboard art? The complicated layout highlights the words perfectly, giving meaning and pressure to the whole sentence.

12- What I Know

To be More Objective is Good

This creative quote by Flannery O’Connor is beautifully decorated with peacock feathers. A simple approach, yet proven to be very effective. Note the little blue hearts. So detailed.

13- Until It’s Done

Things Remain Impossible Unless Those Are Done

This duo has always been good at playing with colors. In this piece they nailed the tribal pattern along with the appropriate colors perfectly, creating harmony for the whole picture.

14- Work, Rest of Your Life

Once You Forget To Work, Things Remain Unfinished

An incredible quote from Jessica Hische. This is so very true for most of us. Sun Tzu also said the same thing; to make your hobby your job. This is living the smart way.

As we have seen in the list above, this collection of chalkboard art is not only colorful and a good sight for our eyes, they also come with useful pieces of advice that have a way of making their points seen. Despite being some of the cheesiest lines to have ever been spoken, they are cliché and common for one simple reason; they ring with truth. While it is important to not be too easily swayed by other people’s perspectives, it is also important to know when changes are needed. For those out there who are afraid of changes, know that improvements are the necessary kind of changes that can make both you and the people around you simply better.

If there are people among us who think what these seniors have done are still vandalism, please refrain from criticizing prematurely. These reminders were never meant to offend anyone, and most would also doubt that they want to be worshiped as chalkboard art. This is simply put one of the things that makes humans soulful creatures. In the end, instincts are our best indicator of how we are doing in life. Do you agree with their method? Tell us what you think through the comment section. Until then, stay positive and love yourself!

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