14 Offensive, Appalling Vintage Ads That Would Never Be Published Today

Many people find themselves wishing for the days of simplicity — otherwise known as the “good ‘ol days.” It is assumed that back in the day, people weren’t so overly sensitive and politically correct all the time. However, looking at some of these ads from the past, maybe they could have used a few filters.

Each of the following ads was actually published to promote various products resulting in mind-blowing disrespect towards animals, minorities, and women. Taking the whole “sex sells” idea to new levels, your jaw will drop when you see just what people were able to get away with.


14. A Surefire Way To Keep Your Wife In Tip-Top Shape


Nothing is worse for a woman than the knee and back pain that comes along with extensive hours of stove cleaning. Thankfully there is a solution – Brown ranges!

The stove company makes sure to let customers know they care about their wives’ aches and pains which is why they created a stove with such advanced technology. Nothing would be worse than losing a wife to excessive cleaning — who would make dinner?