14 Facts Inside The Life Of The ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl

9. The Cops Have Been Called How Many Times!?

If you thought she was too much to handle on Dr. Phil, then you might be surprised to find out that the cops have been called to her house multiple times. When we think of a few times, usually we’d guess three to four. Well, in Bregoli’s case, the cops have been called an estimated 51 times. The charges range from running away from home, stealing cars, and domestic disturbances.


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8. She’s A Target For Online Bullying

Once you become an Internet sensation, it’s easy to become a target for cyberbullying and that’s exactly what happened to the teen after her appearance on Dr. Phil. It’s said that she deals with cyber threats from people on social media on a daily basis. Sounds like a pretty intense experience.

7. It All Started With Her Parents

The hard times didn’t start with Bregoli. In fact, her environment was reportedly troublesome from very early on. Her parents were embroiled in a legal battle for years over custody, child support, and visitation rights. Seeing as this is still an on-going battle, it isn’t a shock that the teen decided to act out.

6. She Wasn’t Always A Bad Kid

Believe it or not, Bregoli wasn’t always a badass teen spouting catch phrases to her detractors. She was actually a sweet kid before she hit puberty. Back in 2009, she stood by her mother as she battled breast cancer and exhibited excellent behavior during the tumultuous time.

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5. She’s Been To Rehab

After the show sent the Cash Me Ousside girl to rehab, it’s said that she’s making strides. Keep in mind, it only took her a few days since her insta-fame to go ballistic on an airplane, so we’re not too sure how much progress she’s made. However, she did develop a connection with a horse at the rehab named Chief.