14 Dyslexic Celebrities Who Still Struggle With The Disorder

4) Paul Oakenfold

011-4-paul-oakenfold-59936ebbe410f16948127eb96fc52fc3Producer/DJ Paul Oakenfold suffered from dyslexia throughout school, and the English native wanted to do something to help kids going through the same ordeal. In 1999, Oakenfold teamed up with Galaxy FM and BBC Radio One to release “Urban Soundtracks,” which mixed classic literature with dance music. 35 audiobooks have been released in this series.

3) Whoopie Goldberg

012-3-whoopie-goldberg-53cc308eee123ca77228eb8b9ea1ec1eWhoopie Goldberg dropped out of Washington Irving High School at the age of 17 because of her dyslexia. Luckily, the New York City native found it in herself to fight against her disorder and become one of the most accomplished comedians of all time. In 1987, Goldberg won the Hans Christian Andersen Award for outstanding achievement by a dyslexic.

2) Caitlyn Jenner

013-2-caitlyn-jenner-4e40fd5652e316bc1b3e370dd3085e6aAs a kid, Caitlyn Jenner battled with dyslexia, but it didn’t stop her from winning the 1976 Olympics decathlon title. She has made television appearances to help raise awareness for dyslexia; in 1985, she played a character with the disorder in the “Silver Spoons” episode “Trouble with Words,” and she hosted the documentary “Demystifying Dyslexia.”

1) Cher

014-1-cher-c3bf3f93816085090932fe3046d866beIn high school, Cher had no clue what she’d be, but the California native, who idolized Audrey Hepburn, knew that she had to be famous one way or another. Unfortunately, dyslexia made things rough for her, but she managed to get high grades before dropping out of Montclair College Preparatory School.

Having dyslexia isn’t the end of the world. Many people with the disorder tend to be gifted in various things in life, including music, computer science, and sports. As this list showed, many award winning stars have battled or are continuing to battle the disorder every single time they go for an audition or try to remember their lines. The struggle can be hard at times, but those in the fight know they aren’t alone. There are plenty of programs in school to help children facing this, and the same goes for adults still at war with the ailment.