14 Dyslexic Celebrities Who Still Struggle With The Disorder

Dyslexia is a lot more debilitating than you might think. One in 10 people have the reading disorder, but only 5% of those affected know they’re suffering from the condition. While celebrities might seem like they’re living the perfect life, just like any other person, they can be affected by unseen ailments like dyslexia. For some, the condition affects them to this day. Others have found a way to beat it and manage to live the rest of their lives without any worry. If you have dyslexia, keep clicking through to see if you share something in common with your favorite celebrity.


14) Orlando Bloom


When Orlando Bloom found about his dyslexia at an early age, his mother told him to go through acting school in order to calm the disorder. Fortunately, this led to a movie career with memorable roles in the “Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchises, but the actor still has trouble reading his movie scripts from time to time.