14 Celebrities That Are Single And Ready To Mingle

Being single can either be a personal choice or a severe consequence from atrocious dating skills. For plenty of celebrities, dating seems to come easy for them. From fellow celebs to a legion of devoted fans, there are plenty of fish in the sea for many of our favorite stars. There are some out there, however, that either have a very rough time in the relationship game or simply want to put all of their attention on perfecting their craft and making it to the top. We take a look at 14 celebs that are single for one reason or another.


14) Selena Gomez


Singer Selena Gomez’s romance with Justin Bieber lasted from 2011 to 2014, and fans of both artists hope they’ll find a way back together. Unfortunately, Gomez isn’t in the mood for another relationship. After some needed time alone after canceling her 2016 world tour due to lupus, the Texan wants to be surrounded by friends and family.