14 Celebrities Before And After Drugs

7. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is not just known for her voice, she is also known for her drug abuse. It has been reported that she was using crack cocaine and she also abused alcohol when she was still alive. Now that she is gone, she remains to be one of the good examples of why you should not take drugs.

8. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler

Steven is quite open about his drug use. According to him, he was very happy when he was using drugs and it helped him to achieve everything he wants in life including women, alcohol and lots of drugs. Bot now, she fights hard to stay sober.


9. Robert Downey

Robert Downey

With his resume as the Iron Man, you might have thought that Robert does not do drugs. Well, you are extremely wrong. There was a phase in his life when he abused drugs but thankfully, that has passed and we have Iron man back on track.