13 Things You Don’t Know About 13 Reasons Why

8. The Series Filmed All Over California


In the show, they never reference what state they’re in. The only thing the audience knows about the location is that it takes place in a fictional town called Crestmont. To create this fictional town, production filmed in Vallejo, California, San Rafael, California and Mount Diablo, California, and Mill Valley, California.

7. Katherine Langford Auditioned For Another Character

It’s hard to picture Hannah being played by someone else other than actress Katherine Langford, right? Truth be told, Langford originally auditioned for the role of Jessica. Luckily for her, once Gomez was out, Langford snagged the lead role.

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6. The Inspiration Behind 13 Reasons Why

Author Jay Asher is far from a teen. So what inspired him to write the book 13 Reasons Why? Well, according to Asher he was hit with inspiration when a relative tried to commit suicide. To get inside of a young girl’s psyche, he decided to interview his wife and young women about growing up as teens.

5. Lord Huron Plays A Big Role

The song that Clay and Hannah dance to has gotten a lot of attention for its use during a significant and memorable scene in the series. After the series was released on Netflix, fans wanted to know who the song was by. As it turns out, the song is sung by Lord Huron.

4. The Meaning Behind Tony’s Tattoo

Tony the pseudo greaser is pretty tatted up in the show and for good reason. One of his tattoos is an elaborate cross. If you look close enough, you will see that the cross on his wrist has a semi-colon. It’s an appropriate tattoo because the semi-colon symbol is the official marking for depression and suicide awareness.

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