13 Rare Photos Of Lincoln And His Family, And One You’ve Never Seen

9. Robert Todd Lincoln

006-9-robert-todd-lincoln-856702This is a photo of Lincoln’s eldest son, Robert Todd. He looks like he took after his father and was a tall young man, his hat on the table next to him only served to make him look even taller. Though Lincoln had such distinctive features, his sons seemed to take after their mother’s softer ones.

8. Willie Lincoln

007-8-willie-lincoln-856864This cute little guy is one of Lincoln’s middle children. After Robert, Mary gave birth to Edward Baker in 1846, though he died only four years later from tuberculosis. Their third son, Willie, was born in 1850. Sadly, Willie caught typhoid fever while the Lincolns were in the White House and passed away when he was 12.

7. Tad Lincoln

008-7-tad-lincoln-856915This little one is Mary Todd and Abraham’s fourth son, Thomas “Tad” Lincoln. He was born in 1853 and was very close to his father. Lincoln took Tad everywhere he went, including some wartime missions. Unfortunately, Tad died of heart failure at the tender age of 18. Lincoln’s oldest son, Robert, was the only child to grow to adulthood and have children.

6. Abe’s Fave

009-6-abe-s-fave-858730This photo was taken in 1858 and though Lincoln often commented that his appearance was “homely” this was one of his favorites. He chose this photo to send to his stepmother and would often use copies of the image to sign and hand out to visitors. This was the photo he chose for his campaigns as well.

5. Laughing Lincoln

010-5-laughing-lincoln-858765This photo comes with a great back story. The photographer didn’t like the coat Lincoln had come in with to sit for the photograph, so instead of sending him back home, he offered to switch coats with the President. The man was very short compared to Lincoln and Lincoln’s coat was huge on his small frame, causing Lincoln to laugh heartily. Though this photo seems solemn, Lincoln’s mouth is turned up slightly betraying the laughter underneath.