13 Rare Photos Of Lincoln And His Family, And One You’ve Never Seen

Abraham Lincoln served as the 16th President of the United States, and is generally regarded by history as an extraordinary leader and a man of character.

It is undoubtedly his upbringing and his steadfast convictions that led him to politics. He read voraciously, studied law on his own, and successfully started his own law practice after winning his first election for the state legislature. He was as remarkable arguing his cases as he was in office.

His dedication to service, boldness, and audacity showed him to be immensely popular and helped him gain the reputation of one of the best presidents the U.S. has ever had.

We’re taking a look at 14 rare photos of Honest Abe and his family that paint an intimate picture of the legendary president. The last photo in the slideshow is one you’ve likely never seen — the only known shot of Lincoln’s last moments!

14. Solemn Portrait

001-14-solemn-portrait-1cee4c260dcd0d368db74ca1ef2f4c48There are a few interesting aspects of this amazing photo of the former Pres. Taken in 1859, it really captures his solemn, thoughtful personality and though the photograph is so old, it looks like Lincoln is staring right at you through his deeply set eyes, doesn’t it? This photo also shows off what large ears he had.

13. Messy Hair

002-13-messy-hair-855358This sepia photograph is a great one for a few reasons. Not only can you distinctly see Lincoln’s unique features since the photograph is so clear, but take a look at that disheveled hairstyle he’s got going on! Perhaps it was just a windy day outside the old cabin?

12. A Force To Be Reckoned With

003-12-a-force-to-be-reckoned-with-855360Lincoln was known for having quite a presence. He was six foot four inches tall and had very large features, including above average sized ears, nose, and feet. In this photo, you can see how big his hands were. Evidently, he was a very strong, competitive guy and was a talented ax-wielder.

11. A Parade at Lincoln’s Home

004-11-a-parade-at-lincoln-s-home-e8dc735eb2f1eece09381f0c87de1c37Here is a photo depicting a large parade outside Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois. It is quite interesting to see small pieces of everyday life back in the mid-eighteen hundreds. The parade and the huge crowd of people gathered surrounded Lincoln’s home after a political rally on August 8, 1960.

10. First Lady

005-10-first-lady-856480Here is the lovely Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady of the United States. Though Lincoln had a couple other close engagements, he and Mary hit it off. Interestingly, they met in December 1839 and planned to get married in January of 1841 but they broke off their engagement. Some time later, the two met again at a party and in November 1842 the couple finally married.