13 People Share Their Experiences on Sleep Paralysis

When you go to bed and when you are just falling asleep or about to be awaken you might have experienced that your limbs do not work the way you want. Also, you feel that somebody is around your room. If you have this daring experience, probably you are suffering from sleep paralysis. This condition is also called the witch hag syndrome. Those who suffer from this condition often feel that an unknown creature is either pressing his or her chest or sitting on the chest. It has been found that sufferers of this disorder also suffer from such disorders as sleep apnea, anxiety and migraines.

When physiology of sleep paralysis is analyzed, it has been found that it is closely related to Rapid Eye Movement sleep. However, when someone experiences this disorder it is found that rapid eye movement is not lost though he is unable to move his limbs or speak. Due to this reason, most people get terrified when they wake up with bouts of this disorder. Also, they feel that intruders are present in their rooms. This is explained by neurologist as a state created by mid brain.

The only way to diagnose sleep paralysis is to make sure that the sufferer is not having any other similar disorders. Once this fact is established, the symptoms the sufferer shows are compared with the documented symptoms that have been established earlier. Through this system a successful diagnosis is made. When it comes to treatment of this sleep disorder the best thing is to get sufferers to learn better sleep habits. However, for serious cases there are effective drugs that could be administered in order to bring about relief. Since these drugs do not bring about relief for all the sufferers, research has not yet been able to find a drug that certainly cures sleep paralysis.

The following are some of the experiences of sufferers of this disorder as they describe.

1- Whisper in Sleep Paralysis
Whispers in a Dream

Whisper: I heard a whisper of someone in my ear but I didn’t see anyone. However, I was unable to move my limbs, but a balloon type head keep hovering and then moved away till I had a sigh of relief.

2- The Cat Ghost
The Cat Ghost

There was a cat and the body was transparent. I had three episodes of sleep paralysis. Once it was eye to eye contact then his eyes turned red, soon blood oozed out of his eyes before he jumped out leaving a trail of blood behind.