13 Household Products You Should Never Mix

4- Vinegar Mixed With Bleach
Vinegar & Bleach Together are Not Friends

Another strange combination items is a mix of weak acid with regular bleach. This mix causes vapors during evaporation and generates toxic material known as chlorine and chloramine. The vapors are not friendly but cause serious chemical burns effecting lungs when inhaled and the eyes when vapors come in contact.

5- Vinegar and Baking Soda
Vinegar and Baking Soda are Not Happy to Sit Together

Both are used in our kitchens mostly for cleaning purposes but as a very friendly items. Ladies clean their refrigerators with baking soda to refresh the refrigerator and kill the odor if any. Vinegar has properties of acid cleaner. This will suspend hard water particles without the soda. Point to remember is that both react against each other and cancel the power or working of each other. This is only good if you want to neutralize the effect of one with the other.

6- Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide
Vinegar and hydrogen Peroxide together are harmful

Both are commonly used in homes. When we combine both of these in a single pot, the result will be paracetic acid which is a very corrosive in nature. If the concentration is high then paracetic acid maycause irritation and even may damage human skin, lungs, throat and even eyes.