12 World Leaders Hiding Grave Illnesses

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Politicians are always in the public spotlight. All this attention is usually pretty glamorous, but sometimes it can serve to distract people from the important things like their health and well-being. For years, politicians have felt the need to hide some of their health issues in order to avoid worrying their constituents. We can’t blame them for that! But until now, many of their illnesses and diseases have remained hidden from public eye. But we dug deep to find the twelve politicians with the most shocking secret medical histories! So, without further ado, check out these 12 world leaders with top secret diseases!

#12 Richard Nixon


As it turns out, the Watergate scandal wasn’t the only thing causing stress in President Richard Nixon’s life! His friends and family have confirmed that he suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. After leaving office, however, he was able to learn the skills necessary to cope with his disease. Kudos to him!

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#11 Abraham Lincoln


America’s 16th President suffered from an incredibly rare genetic disorder! Marfan’s Syndrome causes abnormalities in the heart, vision problems, and muscle pain, and can eventually lead to sudden death. It also causes its victims to be unusually tall and slender… It sounds like Abraham Lincoln fits the bill!

#10 Margaret Thatcher


England’s Iron Lady unfortunately suffered from several strokes soon after leaving her position as Prime Minister. These neurological episodes left her with severe intellectual deficits, though she kept a low profile until she died of another horrible stroke at home in 2013. Another British politician is on slide 7!

#9 Napoleon Bonaparte


French General Napoleon Bonaparte is another famous leader who struggled with mental illness! He suffered from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as well as an unspecified mood disorder. In addition, his unusually short stature has caused historians to suspect that he may have had other medical issues. It’s likely we will never know for sure, though. Dying for more French trivia? Check out slide 2!