12 Weird And Horrifying Uber Stories

Uber cars are such a convenient mode of transportation that’s why it became so popular easily. You just book a car, enter your destination and you can sit comfortably until you arrive at your destination and then pay the driver. It’s like having your own car and driver without the commitment. Who doesn’t want that?

But in this kind of job, you are also exposed to different kinds of people. So it’s interesting and a bit scary at the same time. Uber drivers have a lot of stories to tell when it comes to different kinds of passengers. Some are hilarious, some are inspiring but there are also some that are weird and horrifying.

So when a Redditor asked users, “Uber drivers, what’s your horror story?” People quickly started sharing their weirdest and most terrifying experiences. Some drivers are still in the business despite the experience while some decided they’ve had enough.