12 Times People Got Righteously Pwned For Lying Online

People say a lot of weird stuff on the internet. Most of the time, people like to put on a show to impress their many followers and friends for likes, shares, and comments.

Some people, however, tend to seek social media attention to the point where they will make up incredibly obvious lies. They do so with the hopes of never being called out.

That isn’t the case for some people who have quick-witted friends, that know how to use logic and a quick Google search.

You won’t believe what lies some people tell on social media, and how they eventually got called out.

12. Don’t Tell This Guy What To Do

A sports magazine attempted to predict what an athlete would say to someone about getting into shape. The athlete somehow found the tweet with his photo attached, and appropriately corrected the magazine. You should never put words into someone’s mouth.


Speaking of getting called out, you won’t believe what happened in #11.

11. Never Lie To Your Girlfriend

This guy thought he was safe after telling his girlfriend he was in for the night and going to bed. Little did he know, she was at the same club he lied about being at, looking right at him. Could you imagine the look on his face after reading her text?

10. Epic Photoshop Fail

Everyone wants to work out and look good for social media these days. But what happens when you’re so desperate to look good that you decide to Photoshop a six pack on your body? Well, this guy tried just that and failed. He even forgot to add a belly button.

You’ll be baffled about #9.

9. When Giving Back Goes Wrong

He claimed that Christmas is about giving and not about bragging rights. However, he decided to share how much he tipped his waiter. The problem? The guy contradicted himself. The receipt he shared was a guest copy and not the copy the restaurant/server keeps.

#5 will surely make you laugh.

8. When Loving Yourself Goes Wrong

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-love. Just don’t make it seem like the compliments you get from a stranger are actually coming from you. This person made it seem like they left their Facebook page open on the library computer. However, the status shows the post came from a mobile device.