12 Surprising Stories From Michelle Obama’s Past


Michelle Obama has been one of the most involved and vocal First Ladies in recent history. Her independence and intellectualism has followed her around throughout her career and has led to an interesting and sometimes shocking life before becoming the first black First Lady.

A recent Gallup Poll revealed she was more popular amongst voters than either candidate’s spouse in the 2016 election; Bill Clinton and Melania Trump. She will most likely go down as one of the smartest and most well-liked FLOTUS in history. Keep reading to find out some little-known surprising facts about Michelle Obama’s past.


12. Michelle, The Penny-Pincher

001-12-michelle-the-penny-pincher-14cdb7215fa6fd7b755e4a9d338605d6Michelle is apparently the penny-pinching one of the couple. When Michelle was young, she saved up a lot of babysitting money in order to buy an expensive Coach handbag. When she told her mother how much the bag costs, she received a lecture on not buying lavish accessories. “Right,” Michelle answered, “but you’ll go through ten handbags in the time I have this one.”