12 Shocking Secrets of the FBI

The FBI is supposed to protect the people and look out for their interest. They monitor the country’s criminal activities and act accordingly if things get out of hand. Unfortunately and terrifyingly it’s not always the case. We have gathered a couple of secrets where the FBI misused and abused their authority and kept it from the public. Well, not anymore. We’re not defaming the FBI nor scaremongering but these are facts that the people should and have the right to know. Here are the 12 Shocking Secrets of the FBI.

12. The Martin Luther King Jr. Conspiracy

During his time, Martin Luther King Jr. was a very prominent and influential man. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and oppose the evils happening in his surroundings. According to secret files in 1964, the FBI sent him a letter along with a cassette that contained incriminating audio recordings of him with women in various hotel rooms. The letter “clearly implied that suicide would be a suitable course of action for Dr. King.” Something smells fishy here.

11. Falsely AccusedWhitey

In 1965, the FBI deliberately framed four men for a murder to protect an informant. Two of those innocent men died in prison while the other two served more than 30 years before being pardoned and released. Meanwhile, the informant went into hiding and his identity and location were never disclosed. The federal department was never held accountable or faced any charges. This is definitely a horror story anybody would dread happening to them.

10. 9/11 WarningsTwin_Towers-NYC

A counter-terrorism specialist in the FBI tirelessly hunted and prompted officials of an approaching Al-Qaeda terrorist attack 5-6 years prior to the 9/11 catastrophe. His claims were dismissed over and over until he was pushed out of the FBI in 2001. He took a job as security head in August at the World Trade Center, and in a sad bit of irony, that’s where he died when the towers fell.

9. Acting Captainacting captain

Way back in 2002 during the collapse of the I-40 bridge a demented man impersonated the US Army Captain and took control of the industrial accident. He directed the FBI agents and appropriating equipment and vehicles for two days before it was revealed that he didn’t even work for any official agency! He was then caught fleeing to Canda. He must have been very convincing.

8. Mind Controlmind control

The CIA launched the MKUltra project in 1953. Its purpose was to develop strategies to get Soviet spies and foreign leaders to disclose classified information. But the CIA didn’t want to test the techniques (many that involved various forms of torture) on its own agents so they used civilians and pets as their subjects. In 1973, the program was shut down but the FBI took over it until it was permanently closed in 1977, but that’s what they want us to think.