12 Shocking Secrets From A Fired Disney Employee

As a child, there is perhaps no greater place to visit on the planet than Disney World. It’s one of the most magical places on the planet, and not just for kids! Even teenagers and adults can have a great time. There are amazing rides to check out, sights to see, foods to eat and more. However, this amazing experience wouldn’t be possible without a ton of hard work and planning behind the scenes. There are hundreds of Disney employees at Disney World, and over the years, they have given out some revealing and shocking secrets about Disney, including these 12. You simply won’t believe number 8.


#12 Strict Appearance Guidelines

001-12-strict-appearence-guidlines-4f1ead5e524ffead379cc8ab37d182eeWhile some workplaces can discriminate based on how someone looks or dresses, looking presentable and professional is paramount at Disney. When you are brought on as an employee, you are given a book that outlines all the regulations and guidelines about how you should look, and they are fairly strict.

#11 Special Language

002-11-special-language-6fb595f22405e457e0e49049d7860a88When you enter into Disney World, there is a special language that all the cast members must use. Remember, all of Disney World is like a giant theatrical production, and breaking character is no good. For example, if someone ventures somewhere in the park that they are not allowed to, cast members will alert them that they are “going backstage.” Check out the 7th entry for something else unique that Disney requires of their employees.

#10 Animal Kingdom

003-10-animal-kingdom-4365ae9c5483698524fbd41769a78194If you have ever been to the Animal Kingdom portion at Disney World, you know it is a bit lower in the ground. Many believe this is due to the geography of Florida and the abundance of sinkholes, but that isn’t the case. Animal Kingdom was actually designed a few feet into the ground to allow greater immersion between guests and the animals.

#9 Perks Galore

004-9-perks-galore-59c620b57d66f994d0d5f2e5cb09525fWhile being a Disney employee is hard work that takes a lot of dedication, there are definitely some perks to it too. You get free admission on days off, discounts on everything, as well as a discount card for your family as well. With Disney often being fairly expensive, those are some sweet deals. The next secret is fairly gross.

#8 Sharing Underwear

005-8-sharing-underwear-641154Gross, but true. Up until 2001, Disney employees had to share undergarments with one another. Different costumes required things like tights, jockstraps and more, and many employees complained these weren’t often cleaned very well. As a result, numerous employees got lice and other diseases/issues from these unclean undies.