12 Shocking Secrets From A Fired Disney Employee

As a child, there is perhaps no greater place to visit on the planet than Disney World. It’s one of the most magical places on the planet, and not just for kids! Even teenagers and adults can have a great time. There are amazing rides to check out, sights to see, foods to eat and more. However, this amazing experience wouldn’t be possible without a ton of hard work and planning behind the scenes. There are hundreds of Disney employees at Disney World, and over the years, they have given out some revealing and shocking secrets about Disney, including these 12. You simply won’t believe number 8.


#12 Strict Appearance Guidelines


While some workplaces can discriminate based on how someone looks or dresses, looking presentable and professional is paramount at Disney. When you are brought on as an employee, you are given a book that outlines all the regulations and guidelines about how you should look, and they are fairly strict.