12 Secrets About The Bachelor Revealed By Kristina Schulman

The Bachelor is one of the most successful reality shows in the history of the genre. Women love witnessing the fairy tale life that is created among the contestants and the bachelor. The rose ceremony is a perfect allegory for one’s own personal struggle to find a soulmate… or is it?

Many people are smart enough to realize that most reality shows have little basis in reality, and a lot of what happens on those shows is not random at all. But how much of the show is real and how much is a well-scripted facade? Find out as Kristina Schulman reveals 12 secrets of The Bachelor.



12. The Rose Ceremony

The Bachelor‘s Rose Ceremony has caused many girls to swoon over the next choices the bachelor will make┬áregarding his future love. Little do they know, the producers also have a choice in who moves forward. Their choices are usually for people who will lead to higher ratings. Find out the truth about the ceremony’s length in slide #11.