12 NFL Superstars Are Just The Worst IRL

#7 Rae Carruth

006-7-rae-carruth-663888Carruth was a talented wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, but is now known better for what he did off the field. When he found out a woman he was dating was pregnant, he thought up a scheme in which he blocked her car in, and his friend shot her. He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 18-24 years in prison.

#6 O.J Simpson

007-6-o-j-simpson-70221c2c5e60092ad7b58f44929f1bb0This is one example of a person’s criminal case being more famous than their athletic career. Simpson was actually an extremely talented running back, but what he did off the field will always be what he is famous for. He abused his wife throughout their marriage, and even after it. And we all know how that turned out, after the highly-publicized case in which he was accused of murdering her. He was deemed innocent, but was later thrown in jail on unrelated charges.

#5 Pacman Jones

008-5-pacman-jones-664008Pacman still has a job in the NFL, but his off-field behavior is still hurting his career. In 2007, he went into a strip club and got into a physical altercation with a dancer after she went to go pick up some money off the stage. One of his associates from that evening actually fired a gun in the club as well.

#4 Lawrence Taylor

009-4-lawrence-taylor-2eea303f3027d1e9be8085166108121dTaylor is arguably among the best defensive players in NFL history. However, his career was also full of controversy. He abused drugs and alcohol throughout his time in the NFL. After his career was over, he got into huge legal trouble for engaging in sexual intercourse with an underage girl he had paid!

#3 Warren Sapp

010-3-warren-sapp-664056Sapp was among the best DTs in the NFL in his playing days and was a lovable analyst off the field. However, he turned out to be a real jerk. He would constantly get in arguments during his playing days and after retiring, he was arrested on suspicion of abusing a prostitute.