12 NFL Superstars Are Just The Worst IRL

Whether they know it or not, NFL superstars are heroes and role models to thousands of people around the world. They are seen with watchful eyes every weekend by tons of kids who want to be just like them. While a lot of NFL players are amazing role models, there are others who are not. While these people were blessed with all the athletic talent in the world, they apparently didn’t inherit a good personality. These 12 NFL superstars have done it all from abusing drugs to domestic violence and much, much more. You’ll probably remember #8 once you see it, on account of how awful it was.


#12 Darren Sharper


During his playing days, he was beloved by his fans everywhere. However, after his retirement, the floodgates of terrible behavior opened. It turned out he was a serial rapist and had numerous different women claim he drugged and raped them. He has been sentenced to serve up to 20 years in prison for his actions.