12 Positive Changes To Public Breast Feeding

Nursing in public has been a long debated issue. The people are divided when it comes to this issue because some believe that it’s a natural thing, which is a fact while most believe it should only be done in private. It’s quite sad because nursing mothers are criticized and discriminated for doing what is natural. And a lot of nursing moms also want to go out of the house and nurse their babies as needed without feeling they have to hide something because it makes others uncomfortable. The act itself is not offense but it’s probably seeing a woman’s bust exposed in public is what drives people insane. The reason behind that is because a woman’s bust have been highly objectified that the mere sight of a mother nursing is suddenly considered a sensual act. There shouldn’t be a law for this but nursing in public is legal in all 50 states and 45 of those states allow nursing anywhere. Adults eat anywhere and anytime they want without having the need to hide in private and so should babies. There’s more to nursing than just about a woman exposing her chest. Read on to find out the 12 interesting facts about nursing to help you give a new perspective.

12. Social Experimentssocial experiment

More than 57% of the American public population are uncomfortable with public nursing and only 42 states have laws that protect women’s right to nurse in public, but many mothers are still being asked to move into private areas like bathrooms to nurse. To prove that, a social experiment on Youtube was shown. Even pumping milk is seen as an abominable thing. There were many varied reactions from both men and women from revulsion to apathy. A different woman did the experiment on a train and a man went off on her.

Susan Kane, the editor-in-chief of Babytalk knows the struggles of in the workplace as well. “You need a private place to pump. Sixty percent of women with small kids are in the workplace full time. You have to make a living. Then on top of it, you’ve got that negative public attitude.”

Mother’s milk protects babies from colds, flu, infections, pneumonia, and diarrhea and nursing also help burn up to 500 calories a day.

11. Celebrities Supporting Nursingcelebs nursing

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen fights for nursing rights.

Gisele Bundchen told Harper’s Bazaar UK that nursing should be required for all women with infants younger than six months. Several months later she posted a photo on Instagram of her nursing while her beauty team helped her get ready.

She shared, “My intention in making a comment about the importance of nursing has nothing to do with the law. It comes from my passionate beliefs about children. Being a new mom has brought a lot of questions. I feel like I am in a constant search for answers on what might be the best for my child. It’s unfortunate that in an interview sometimes things can seem so black and white.” Other celebrities who support the movement are Gwen Stefani, Natalia Vodianova, Jaime King, Kristen Bell, Alyssa Milano, Penelope Cruz, and Pink.

10.  Nursing Goddessnursing goddess

The award winning published fine art photographer, Ivette Ivens did a photo series of women nursing their babies. She wanted to showcase the beauty of nursing mothers. When people see mothers lactating it can be messy, uncomfortable, and even painful but despite all the trouble, a mother’s instincts tell a totally different story. Nursing is love in it’s purest form.

A mother not only nourishes the baby’s body but also fills them with their love. Ivens vividly captured these moments in its purest form. She helped women feel and relive the emotions they had from that moment. She also knows the problems of nursing so she created a photo series to put mothers in a different light. The photo series was well received and it helped raise awareness to the issues of women and lactating that she was able to publish a 188-page hardcover book.

9. Politics and Nursingnursing in politics

Pope Francis told new mothers back in 2010, “not to think twice” about nursing while in public or at church. Licia Ronzulli, an Italian member of the European Parliament also voiced her opinion about nursing in public. She was already putting those ideas into action by showing up during a voting session with her child.

Victoria Donda Perez, an Argentinian MP nursed her 8-month-old daughter in the middle of the parliamentary session and was captured on camera while the Argentine National Congress was being held in Buenos Aires. She was praised for being a role model and the photo went viral on social media.

Meantime in the U.S., the United States Department of Labor’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act require that employers provide a reasonable amount of time for an employee to express milk for a nursing child one year after the child is born. Employers are also required by law to provide space, other than a bathroom so that the woman may express milk in private and away from the intrusion of other coworkers and the public.

8. Magazine Covernursing in magazine cover

When magazine publishers decided to put nursing mothers on the cover of magazines, the world went crazy. It got a lot mixed opinions. Nicole Trufino, posed on the cover of Elle Australi while nursing her four-month-old son, Zion. This wasn’t staged or set up. The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Justin Cullen shared, ““It was a completely natural moment that resulted in a powerful picture.”

Doutzen Kroes, a well-known supermodel, was also on the cover of Vogue Netherlands nursing her baby. While modeling in bed with her husband, and two children, Doutzen is nursing her 5-month-old daughter.

Time magazine also featured a woman nursing on its cover in 2012. This as more than four years ago, Dr. William “Bill” Sears was featured on the magazine and the same questions are being raised on nursing in public. Like, is it indecent? Is it natural? It is okay to shame a mother who needs to breastfeed her child?