12 Inspiring Couples That Lost Tons Of Weight Together



If you have ever tried, you know that losing weight is an extremely hard thing to do. You have to abide by a strict diet and work out a lot. And with people being so busy with work and their families and such, it is harder than ever to lose weight. Also troubling is the wide availability of junk food, leading to obesity becoming a huge problem. Weight problems can not only can it affect you, but also those around you.

But the 12 couples you are about to see didn’t just give into unhealthiness, they battled against it. These 12 couples are sure to inspire you and show you that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

#12 Josh and Terri


These two showed that even starting slow can lead to massive change. They began with Weight Watchers and only 15 minutes of working out a night, in order to get accustomed to the workouts and bettering their diets. Now, they regularly run 5Ks and credit weight loss with changing their lives for the better.

#11 Justin and Lauren


These two knew they had to make a change once an imaging machine couldn’t support his weight for testing. Justin weighed in at nearly 600 pounds and Lauren weighed in at almost 400 pounds. Now, they go to the gym almost every day and also do other activities such as swimming or hiking. Just look at that dramatic change!

#10 Matt and Mandy


These two were about to get married and knew they wanted to make some changes before their big day. Together, they lost a combined 133 pounds and got in great shape for their wedding. They drastically altered their lifestyles and diet, and it obviously paid off in a big way.

#9 Kevin and Tracey


This couple noticed that they were a bit over their comfort weight and decided to make a change. They began taking walks and doing other outdoor activities, too. Their dog has also benefitted from their new lifestyle as they now take walks together. Now that they’ve lost the weight, they’re looking forward to longer, healthier lives together.